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I agree entirely. I love games and I can empathise with them that they're so passionate about it they want to do it no matter what, but if I was struggling to make a living out of it and scrape together a measly $100 for the chance to make a lot of money on the world's most popular digital distribution platform for games then I'd probably try something new. Hell, you could get a part-time job at minimum wage and make $100 in a week or so, it's not like it's an absurd amount of money. Making games doesn't have to be your day job 7 days a week, especially if it's not paying the bills.

Stuff like this always gets the initial backlash before people sit down and actually think it through, and realise it's not all that bad. Steam's very generous for offering a platform that gives tiny Indie games and huge, multi-million dollar titles the exact same space and chance as eachother, not like retail stores. I hope Indies aren't starting to take this for granted.
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