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I think the $100 is fine, and unfortunately because of human nature it became necessary, as all those joke submissions proved when they drowned out the legitimate titles. Many things that happen in the Industry today are necessary evils.

Greenlight should not be an Indie game's first stop, is what people seem to not realise when complaining about this entrance fee. A game should already have a following, already be known, etc. before moving to Greenlight, and the community that exists will Greenlight your game, that's the entire point. It'll be a rare game which gets by on Greenlight without any prior community existing, they'd need a lucky mention on a news site to even have a chance, and if your fans can't 'Kickstart' you $100 then what chance do you honestly have on Greenlight, or even on Steam? Steam =/= Instant success.

Greenlight does need to evolve and improve but hey, what software releases without problems? Steam first released as an un-useable mess but has grown into one of the best software choices for gaming today, and Greenlight will likely do the same. I look forward to seeing it and the Steam library grow.
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