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Starving artist is right. Get your game on Kickstarter, raise a couple thousand dollars. Then submit it. I'm not an expert. But judging from the money some developing houses get from these charity programs $100 isn't too much. I mean, you're looking at getting Steam to showcase your work. Valve probably doesn't want to be known as "that game company". Playing politics, kissing babies just to get attention. They want to be a serious developing house that has a cloud gaming service.

This way the whole idea doesn't turn into a game show of contestants whirling their ideas. Or some programmer gloating how his new trendy title made money on Steam.

You can already guess that indie devs probably don't make a lot. And their chance of success is through powerhouses like Steam. has had a lot of indie-foreign based titles. But they don't have nearly as much traffic nor system set up like Steam does.
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