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Originally Posted by DS
Well yeah, there's a much larger market for PC components than Mac components. So not really a big surprise that there are a lot of people who wanted those components and spent more.
So then you concede that there's really no point to this discussion unless we're talking about games. I don't use my Mac to game (blech). I use it for productivity. Specifically Final Cut Pro, Motion and Compressor (which makes the best encodes for Blu-ray). Works great for me. Lasts a long time. I also could upgrade the CPU if I had wanted to. I did have one PCIe card for capture but didn't need any others.

Anyway who gives a shit how anyone else spends their money? Don't like it? Don't buy it! Pretty simple. But don't malign others for spending money the way they want to. If we all went by that PC user's rationale we'd all own either Priuses or SUVs and nobody would be allowed to get "sports" cars. Because, you know, the speed limit is the same no matter what car you drive and you use it to get from point A to point B. It doesn't matter if you enjoy driving the sports car more than a Prius. It's more expensive, LOL, look at the dumb person who spent all that money on a car with only TWO seats! Let us join together in ridicule!
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