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Samba de Amigo
Sega Dreamcast

A Sega game with monkeys? Hell yeah!

I usually hate music and dancing games and whatnot, despite my fondness for music in videogames. I guess that I feel that videogame music should be original, not imported from "artists" like, ummm... hell I don't even know who's popular these days. Doesn't matter. I'm sure they suck. And if you listen to them, you suck too! But Samba de Amigo, as simple as it is, is pretty fun! You can play with the controller or the maracas. I have never played with the maracas, but it has been insisted to me that it is a horrible experience and will eat your soul. So I stuck with the controllers.

You play a monkey who is on serious drugs in this game.

Graphics: 8/10
The graphics are made up of fairly simple polygons, but there is a TON of color onscreen at any given moment. Unfortunately you are so busy staring at the little blue balls to which you must sync your button presses to that it is often hard to even notice the graphics at all. But I will say this: this game looks absolutely fabulous in VGA or in 480p (progressive scan) with component cables! The colors really come alive, especially when you are doing well and everything (including the sun) starts to have a visual orgasm. When I played this game to capture the screens for this review, I had to use S-Video, and everything looked so blurry and much more dull. It was the first time I had ever played the game in a non-progressive format, I think. So be sure to play this either in VGA or component. Otherwise please shoot yourself and do the world a favor.

Looks like the sun has been neglecting his trips to the dentist.

Sound: 7/10
This is a tough category to rate being that the game has very little original music and some of the songs are redone by generic musicians. But most of the songs here have a bit of a Spanish flava, except Take on Me... what the hell is that song doing here? It was a crappy song in the first place and is made even crappier in this game! Some of the songs are actually the real versions. They fit well within the game, except of course the duet song from NiGHTS which still sounds worse than a wet fart here. There are lots of other songs, including After Burner, Out Run, Rent A Hero, Fantasy Zone, Sonic R, Sonic CD, and crap like that. I don't think Julio Iglesias or his metrosexual son is featured, though. I think they should be in here because they are Spanish and for no other reason. Ethnicity should be the ONLY factor here.

Everyone has an orgasm when you get up to an "A", and
the gay people come out and dance, hence the rainbow.

Gameplay: 7/10
Basically all you ever do is press the appropriate button(s) when the li'l blue balls get to the over circles. That's it. Oh yeah, and sometimes you have to "pose". The posing can be kind of tough because if you get the pose just right at the last second or two, it does not register. Also, the blue balls will still be moving while you are trying to pose, bringing on confusion. And I am very easily confused. It will be funny when Paper exe burns in hill. As you go through the game you can unlock more songs (except in Arcade Mode, which you only get the same 4 songs ever), including stuff mentioned above like music from Afterburner, ActRaiser, Burning Rangers, Super Mario World, and Halo 2. Well OK maybe not some of those. Some of the songs can be "downloaded" via Sega's now-defunct online service which was available ONLY to dial-up users of this game. It's funny how the world used to be, as we all know that dial-up users are now the most hated people on the planet, along with their friends, families, and pets. The game is strangely addictive, though it is pretty easy to put down. It's just so kooky. I love how mispronounced the male voice is in the game. The first voice that comes up says "Presented by Sega, heh heh". The next voice says something that simply cannot be deciphered. It's this overall kookiness that adds to the game's charm. And it needs charm, since music games like this inherently suck ass. Actually are they really "music" games? I think they are just timing games and nothing more. Can anyone prove me wrong?

For some reason, the monkey always has this expression on his
face when the cover of "Take on Me" is playing. So will you.

Wrap up:
A neat game to borrow from your friend every once in awhile. But be sure to play it with the VGA box, OMG!

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