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Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle
Sega Genesis

Look at this box. Just look at it!
Imagine that sitting on the shelf staring
at you while you are trying to sleep. You
can tell Alex is a hit with the ladies!

Alex was a favorite game of some people on the Sega Master System. I never really understood why. It was a good game, but not great. The jump and punch buttons were ass backwards on the controller, and you couldn't switch 'em! Alex Kidd starred in more games like Lost Stars, Hi-Tech World, Shinobi World, etc, but none of them played even remotely like the original game. Not until the Genesis came out with Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle, anyway. This game restores most of the original's gameplay. And yes, this is a 1 meg game, only 128K, same size as the original!

Alex can punch innocent commuters into nothingness!
Alex is a terrorist and he does not reason with anybody!

Graphics: 4/10
Considering this is a one meg game, the graphics aren't too bad... considering. A second layer of scrolling was added to give the game at least some perception of depth, but the background scrolls almost as fast as the foreground, offering little separation and thus little perceived depth. There isn't much in the way of sprite animation and most characters look as if they were designed for a kiddie game, which Alex Kidd pretty much is. Alex himself sports some hardcore sideburns, which must be all the rage on planet Paperock. If you want to admire Alex, I advise standing still and taping the punch button again and again. Only his arm and eyeballs move back and forth. This will enrage you and make you want to digitize yourself into the game just so you can murder Alex.

Although you are only betting on the pogo stick,
you are still asked if you will bet your life.
Perhaps the pogo stick is Alex's reason for living?
I know I couldn't live without mine

Sound: 4/10
The original dippy tune from the first game shows up here, and it is only marginally improved by the Genesis' sound chip. Most of the music is fairly poor, but the tune in the forest level is oddly bouncy and happy, all the while characters that resemble Jason from Friday the 13th are trying to axe you down (hmmm...). There is actually a pissy voice sample in the game when Alex is playing Janken (paper, rock, scissors) which I can only decipher as "Jan-Ken-Bet!" Nothing much to talk about here.

You can ride a motorcycle, helicopter and other such nonsense
in the game. You can even brutally murder bald eagles just for fun!

Gameplay: 4/10
The gameplay of the original returns, but there are far more Janken matches in this game. You collect coins and money bags (gold baum), but you never use them to buy anything, but still you feel you must collect all you can find simply because it's there. Instead you use the gold baum to bet on Janken matches. The Janken gets old very fast, believe me. The controls are OK except you seem to have a lot of momentum which makes avoiding enemies difficult at times. The B button punches, while A or C jump. This let's people who were used to the ass backwards controls of the original as well as normal human beings "enjoy" this game. The one-hit death system is restored from the original game as well, which will make any gamer happy as everyone loves one-hit kills without exception! You also can collect a variety of items that let you do things such as read the minds of your Janken foes (all they think about is paper-rock-scissors, never any nudie images going through their brains. For shame.) or fly around in a pedi-coptor. Yee haw.

The game lets you swim underwater at one point, and Alex never needs to
come up for air since he stores oxygen tanks in his gigantic sideburns.

Wrap up:
Well it is kind of fun but gets old quickly. But the box cover does double as a fact-acting laxative just by looking at it!

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