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I haven't played TFII in quite some time. It's quite amazing to think that the review itself requires more size than the game itself. I've never played Batman Returns for Sega CD, but I've played ol' Spiderman. I used to think that CDs were the new frontier, that developers would use them in the future (now) for hundreds of stages and a thousand enemies. They have all that memory capacity, all that technology, and what are we left with...? FMV and CD-quality audio. Of course I realize that in order to hold all the textures and stuff in today's games there needs to be a lot of ROM and such but.... wouldn't it be nice if memory was used for expanding the games themselves instead of simply pushing 3D graphics further and further technically? Most of the best-looking games aren't even 3D. Heck, they're not even new: Sonic CD has pristine detail and clarity (sans the bonus stage, but it's still nice), Super Castlevania IV is gorgeous from an artistic viewpoint, and Earthworm Jim is still a great feat.

I guess that my point is that I value artistry over technical brilliance. I wonder if other members feel the same way.
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