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Does anyone here have LAN partys?

I'm just wondering, because once i upgrade to XP (I have a nice computer, but no XP, and my onboard LAN wont work) then I'm thinking my friends and I should start having Lan partys.

Myself, and my friends Thane, Richard, and Shawn all have computer nice enough to play Unreal Tournament 2003, plus, I know alot of people who own Age of Empires, and I would like to get in a agame of Axis and Allies, and definately Serious Sam since alot of people own it.

Thane has 2 computers, and his older brother has a laptop, and maybe he would come also, that gives us 6 computers, plus we might be getting a new one here at my dads, so if we had it here we could get up to 7, it wouldnt be too hard to find another and get the full 8 player games...sounds fun...

has anyone had a LAN party?
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