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Wait for the red NDS (My favorite color!)

Seriously, as right know, NDS don't have any real good game, all what it has are remakes or incomplete games, the only one that worth owning that I tried is Kirby, which I will review it soon, other then that it has nothing. I don't know about Metos, because it did not release yet.

About the GBA, I will be honest with you there. GBA is dieing. only few games are coming and in E3 Nintendo only announced very few games, which means GBA future is not as bright as NDS.

It is kind of hard to tell you something and I don't know you, but I will tell you what I would do.

I would buy Fire Emblem, then wait until more then 5 games that interest me for NDS, then I would buy NDS with the five games and the color that I wanted it to be in.
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