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Nice review. Honestly I thought you would have gave this game a 7/10. 9/10 is great and I agree with pretty much everything you said. The motion sensing actions are kept to a minimum which I like. Out of all the publishers for the Wii Nintendo seems to realize the most that just because it's there a whole game doesn't need to be overboard with motion sensing controls. There's just enough to make it stand out. The music is good and sound effects fit the game fine. Pro-Logic is nice but 5.1 would have been better.
Personally I will reach 120 stars. Right now I'm at 86. I don't mind playing through the levels again because they are fun. Like you said it's a real videogame. It does a lot to keep me coming back and even playing through previously beaten levels again to find that hidden star. Yeah I don't like every level or even galaxy in the game but most are quite enjoyable.
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