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Super Adventure Island
Super Nintendo

Nintendo lavished their customers with precious
material like cardboard boxes! Oh, WOW!

Back when the first Wonder Boy game came out in the arcade, both Sega and Hudson had rights to its design. Sega kept on making Wonder Boy games, and Hudson threw the same exact design into their Adventure Island series. At least Sega could step away from the primitive formula of the original Wonder Boy, but not Hudson! Oh no, Hudson would try to milk it for all it was worth as if it were Street Fighter II and they were Capcom. But to everyone's surprise, they actually did make one game in the series that wasn't sheer torture to play. And that was this game, Super Adventure Island. I like Super Nintendo games because of the clever naming. They take the name and add "Super" in front of it. Motherfucking genius!

The SNES had the best graphics as can clearly be seen here.

Graphics: 7/10
Nothing tremendously special here, though the colors seem kind of nice. Also there are a few scenes with tr00 transparancies. There is a mode 7 whale and a few other mode 7 things that will probably not impress you. This is Hudson Soft, after all. You don't expect too many impressive things from them unless it is on the PC Engine.

Master Higgins (yes, that's the character's actual name)
believes in safety first as seen by his helmet and pads.

Sound: 9/10
Hudson figured that the music should be good, so they sought out that one guy who did the music for Beyond Oasis as well as Car Battler Joe. This guy also ended up doing the music for this game, and the result is probably one of the top 5 SNES soundtracks EVAR. Dat's right! This 8-mega game devotes the majority of its space to music and sound, it seems. That guy did a great job and his name should be remembered by people. Does it sound better than Final Fantasy Tactics? Oh hell yes! It also sounds better than Motorstorm, Gears of War and Zelda Twilight Princess.

You must make some pretty crazy leaps in order to avoid
the evil tomahawk weapon. Even Game Over is better!

Gameplay: 7/10
This is, by far, the best game in the Adventure Island series. I even like it more than the original Wonder Boy. You have two weapons, a tomahawk and a boomarang. You want the boomerang. You don't want the tomahawk... ever. One thing about this game that pisses me off is that you can't press start at the title screen. You must wait for the title screen to time out and the lame-o story to begin before the START button is activated. Then the game can finally start. I like how you are sitting in a boat in the middle of the ocean for no reason whatsoever and then a mode 7 whale with no animation comes up and gulps you... also for no reason whatsoever. At least the whale's innards have good music. This game is pretty easy. In fact if you don't beat it the first time you play without dying, then you are a horrible human being and I hope you get syphilis, because you sure deserve it! I also hope your mom dies. It would be good if she suffered horribly before her death, though. Serves you right. The game is pretty fun to play through every once in awhile and it should be in every SNERD's collection.

This boss is so easy. There's no way for him to hit
you and he goes down after only a few hits from you.

Wrap up:
This game is better than Final Fantasy 7 and Halo 2. Do you disagree? Then you like crappy games. This game is better than apples but not quite as good as oranges. Oranges kick the shit out of apples.
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