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King Of Fighters 2003/SNK/ Neo-Geo (MVS, AES)/2004
Rating: 8/10

Doin' the Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 thang' right.

Throughout the years, there have been many KOF's that have made us: Laugh, Love, Live, Spend-countless-hours-in-front-of-a-TV. And there are there are the rare instances where the game makes you: Cringe, Feel-bored, regret spending the $300 for the cart. Well, let me tell you the truth. This is one of the BEST KOF's.
Want 98's flair and style?! You got it in '03.
Want 94's feel of ?BRAND NEW!!1!? You got it in '03.
The MAJOR addition to the gameplay is the 3 Vs. 3 tag in and tag out matches. This speeds up the game BIG TIME, this is the breath of new life we needed in the KOF series (I will admit, It was getting a tad-bit bland) The new ?Hero Team? is great! Ash and the ?kr3w? bring the mosh to the new KOF. I can see this game exploding. Once it is released in the major arcades in the USA. After praising this game so much, don't think I have no grips with it. The major problem, well.....It's the same problem KOF has had for years, THE HIT DETECTION. But, it has seem to got worse in this one. Whenever you switch characters, there seems to be a bug where the enemy can attack you and you cannot block. This is a problem.
All and all, this does the Justice on the 3 Vs. 3. If you thought that Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 was wild. Just pick up this game with me facing you, and you got one hell of a ride.

By James L. AKA ?NEO-GEO?

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