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you know- you guys are making a mountain out of a molehill.

the stories i'm hearing from people who just got the game is that its a very fun game- like a cross between Q2 and Q3 in gameplay,
a shoot and kill game with good bosses till the end. people i'm talking to are likening it to an updated quake 2.

you know i think peoples expectations are way too high, they demand it reaches the quota on what is supposed to be the FPS standards in 2005,

**** standards- i enjoy mindless fun shooters that has a satisfying feeling, it doesnt need to be the greatest thing since sliced bread- but a good game overall, with that in mind i'm happy.

think back to quake 2 single player mode- i'm happy beans if the gameplay is identical to that but updated into a moreimmesive experience- and apparently the game runs incredibly smoothly unlike doom 3 and fear.

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