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I like the Toshiba Satellites. Also, when my brother wanted a good, inexpensive, laptop for his electrical engineering work, I suggested an HP. He ultimately got an HP Probook 4530 and so far, he's liked it a lot. The link I provided is a newer model. I can't seem to find the page on Newegg for the same one he got. it was about a year ago, though.

Kos, really? HP the least? Guess me and my brother chose the holy grail of HP laptops because he's had zero issues. Of course, once we think we found a good model, it was like two solid days of searching for reviews and trolling google with the model# and the word 'forum' to see what problems people were reporting with that particular model that year.

Einhander, I would do that. Once you settle on some choices, check sites like newegg to see what people are saying. Sort by 'most helpful' review and ignore reviews. Then google the model number and ass the word 'forum' to see what some other people are saying. If you see any serious patterns (like Kos mentioned, HDD issues, heat issues, et cetera) then throw that choice away and start over.

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