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I got the digital copy, otherwise I would. I did find this.

in a move that echoes their approach in StarCraft 2, Blizzard has announced today that Diablo 3 will get a free demo that they're calling Diablo 3 Starter Edition.
In the first 30 days after release it will work similarly to how StarCraft 2 worked when it released in 2010. Boxed copies of the game will come with a Guest Pass that enables a friend to play for free. However, free players will only have access to Act 1, and a level cap of 13 (the same content as the beta.) They will also not be able to access the auction houses.
After the first 30 days it will be available as a download from
Blizzard has also announced that Diablo 3 will get online support in the form of character profiles on In these profiles you'll be able to take in-depth looks at all of your characters, their skills, and their equipment (including all dyes, gems and whathaveyou.) You'll also be able to get a glimpse at other players' characters if you're looking for tips on how to maximize your build.


Game Master Tyristius here, I hope you're doing well! I've received your ticket concerning guest passes for Diablo III. I'm very sorry for both, being unable to discuss this with you directly, and for the wait you had to endure before I could get back to you.

Before we get started, let's make sure I understand your report correctly. Looks like you're wondering why they weren't included with the digital copies of the game, right? If this is not the case, please reopen the ticket, and provide some additional information to help bring more clarity to the issue, so that we're able to assist you as effectively as possible. Else continue reading.

I'm very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you. Sadly, I don't have a reason behind this to provide for you, I apologize, but I can confirm that only the box copies came with them.

If you would like this to change, though, and there perhaps be some way for digitally purchased accounts to be able to e-mail invites, or something, we would love to hear your feedback and ideas. Our forums at are monitored around the clock for ideas which are gathered and submitted directly to the relevant department for revew.

I understand your frustration not having them, and hope that this changes at some point in the future. Thanks in advance for any feedback you might provide!

Thank you for taking the time to read my response and thanks again for your patience with the wait tonight. If anything else comes up, please don't hesitate to let us know, and we'll see what we can do. Have a good one! <3


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