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Night Striker S
Sega Saturn

You even get a much nicer looking box!

The Sega Saturn was an awesome 2D system, which means that a port of the Night Striker arcade would be perfect for the system, complete with tons of scaling sprites! Once again it is like Space Harrier meets Thunderblade meets Taito meets Ving. Yes, that's right, a company called "Ving" did the porting chores since Taito was too busy being lazy with Playstation shooters like Rayforce and whatever. This version also was not released in the US, and it is the closest you'll ever get to the arcade version of Thunderblade (which isn't even on MAME).

I can see clearly now.. the pixels are gone!

Graphics: 7/10
The graphics are not blocky like the Sega CD version, so that means it looks much, MUCH nicer. The framerate has also been increased to 60fps without any slowdown at all. The colors and detail are pretty good, but nothing outstanding. This is most likely a straight arcade port for the most part. But the smoothness of the graphics really helps everything.

So much smoother, I can make it through the stage without dying 3 times.

Sound: 6/10
The has the same music as the arcade version. It does not feature an arranged version like the Sega CD version did. Taito does not like Ving, apparently, and forbade them from using the arranged version in this game. The sound effects are fine.

The freakin' tunnels are STILL boring!

Gameplay: 6/10
Read the Sega CD review of this game above. This game plays EXACTLY the same, with the same controls and everything. So why does this one get a higher score in the gameplay department? Simple, really. Since the graphics are so much better and the framerate higher, this game is much easier to control since you can see what is going on at all times. This is a case where the graphics actually help the gameplay. No, that does not mean I am a graphics whore. If you want to talk about whores, we'll have to talk about your mother. There is also an additional "Extra Game" added to the start screen menu, and that is a preselected path of stages that is really hard! Well actually only kinda hard. But it's there. Yee ha.

Again, this game gives me Thunderblade (arcade) flashbacks.

Wrap up:
Definitely the preferable version of Night Striker if you must have a version of the game. Oh, by the way, the "S" stands for "Perfect Arcade Port".
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