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Legend of Wukong
Sega Genesis

Another physical release
with box and manual!

Legend of Wukong was released in December of 2008 for the Sega Genesis and Mega Drive systems by Super Fighter Team, the same people who brought you Beggar Prince. It was developed in some lame third world country many years before where the developers were paid in breadcrumbs or something like that. If they did a particularly good job during their 23-hour work day, they would get less beatings and fewer murdered family members. By purchasing Wukong, you are directly financing breadcrumb payments and murdered family members. I state this because the game is definitely no labor of love, but one of "make it as fast as we can so we can earn a couple of dollars". The translation/bug fixing localization was handled more competently than the development itself. As a result we have a physical cartridge for release that is not able to be dumped to play on emulators, though you can find the original 3rd world version ROMs if you must.

Every town has plenty of NPCs to talk to. Be sure to talk to them all, even the glitchy-looking ones.

Story: 3/10
The "plot" involves some idiot kid who goes back in time to some period in China that nobody cares about by accidentally pressing a button on his neighbor's time machine. As soon as he arrives, a monster comes and steals the time machine FOR NO REASON, thus trapping him there. This little dipshit is somehow competent enough to overcome the mass hurdles that face him in his strange, new surroundings. He meets new people and they are all very cocky. I must admit that I dislike most of the characters in this game. Wukong himself is an arrogant little prick. Pigsy is even worse. The girl (I think she is a princess or something) has zero personality at all, she rarely says anything. Many things happen FOR NO REASON, or rather, just to give you something to do, but it makes no logical sense. There is one chapter where you arrive and FOR NO REASON the princess or whoever she is gets kidnapped out of the blue. The story, though humorous at times, can be quite lacking.

The maps and dungeons aren't huge in actuality, but they seem much
larger than they are due to the slow pace and maze-like structure.

Graphics: 4.5/10
The graphics are passable, I suppose. The styles change a bit as you advance through chapters. There are many different enemies, but each has only one frame of animation. I'm not even sure what many of the enemies are even supposed to be. One enemy is a shark even though you never enter the water and a mountainous terrain serves as the backdrop. What the hell? Other enemies are just weird shapes with eyes or whatnot. You can tell that enemy design was a rush job done by third world people who can't even afford lint. There are a couple of nice touches to the battle backgrounds here and there, but it won't melt your TV with awesomeness. But the variety of enemies is indeed pretty cool. I wish the font was a little better. The letter a looks like the letter o.

The battle engine seems competent enough, but the enemy only has one magic attack.
Also, Super Fighter Team sure loves their games to have random battles every 5 seconds.

Sound: 4.5/10
There really isn't much to the sound effects. The music is average. It changes with each new chapter, just as long as you don't advance too far into the game as higher chapters use music from previous chapters. There is only one town theme. There is also only one battle theme and one dungeon theme. A few stereo effects every once in a while remind you that you might be playing the Genesis. You won't be recording anything to listen to in your car at full blast as you drive past all the babes downtown in an attempt to garner yourself some pussy for the evening.

Thanks to magic spells you learn through leveling up which allow you to exit caves and
warping around everywhere, choosing the wrong direction becomes much less painful.

Gameplay: 5.5/10
If you like grinding, this is your game! Don't even try to fight the very first boss until you are higher than level 15, at least. That's more than a quarter of all the leveling in the game, as you can only go up to 50. You will be fighting a lot of battles as one occurs about every 4 or 5 seconds. The first boss is actually the hardest as the balance of the game is extremely poor. After that everything goes fairly smooth difficulty-wise until you reach the final chapter where you will need to grind like a mofo with a spiked dildo stuck up his ass. This game is best described as TEDIOUS due to the very slow exploration of the map and caves due to the constant battles that interrupt you. The battles last a bit longer than they should because both you and the enemy tend to miss a lot (just like in Beggar Prince), wasting everybody's time. Fortunately the magic never seems to miss. Be wary of the magic that seems like it is attacking all of the enemies onscreen at once, as it doesn't quite seem to work that way other than visually suggesting it does.

It is also completely bizarre. For example, at one point you will come across a cave you need to enter for whatever reason, and you are presented with a "musical puzzle". You are then prompted to play the correct notes to enter. I know what you"re thinking; "Oooh, just like Zelda TooT! I love me some N64 Zelda this game must be awesome!" WRONG! You simply press the buttons on the controller in a certain order after receiving the sequence from some idiot villager. Here's the stickler: No music is involved. Not a single note is played. So why is it a musical puzzle? Hell, it's not even a puzzle, it's simply a password! It's no Zelda, but the N64 still sucks ass.

Speaking of villagers, one thing that infuriated me was attempting to navigate the villages themselves. There are many graphical items that block you from moving, villagers often block your path and there is no way to get to where you need to go. The villages seem like mazes as a result. I hope whoever designed this part did not get a sandwich that day. There is also some old guy that says the same thing to you in each and every village. He even gets his own dedicated house. Why is he there? The people in the houses often say the same thing to you even in the same town. My advice is to never enter the houses unless they are shops. They are completely useless and a waste of your time. The in-game menu is almost as difficult to navigates as the villages. Not only are the menus murder on the eyes, but going back and forth can get confusing and exiting them takes about a thousand presses of the B button. Same with exiting shops. Still, the game is very playable and would pass as a sub-par RPG back in the Genesis' heyday. It's better than, say, Traysia.

The menu will make your eyes bleed when trying to find a certain item.

Wrap up:
The game certainly isn't broken, but it can really be tedious at times. The graphics aren't as nice as Beggar Prince, but it is a hell of a lot less buggy. Beggar Prince had many game-breaking bugs that were not fixed. Wukong only reset on me once a few seconds after I saved. There is only one misspelling in the game (rediculous instead of ridiculous). The game doesn't have a clock or timer, so I can't guess how long it will take you to play through it, but my guess is around 20-30 hours or so… or about half of the time it spent in development in whatever loser third world country it was made in. Remember, countries like that only exist to make us feel better about ourselves, and I feel damn good right now!
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