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Review #2 of the day:

Forgot to post my Enchanted Arms review...

For all who don't really know, Enchanted arms is a rushed RPG for the 360 (and even more rushed now for the Ps3 apparently), but in my eye, was actually fun to play.

The story:
Hahahaha... It fails on a lot of levels. Its predictable, its goofy. Its unbelievable. BUt it does go somewhere, and it is actually a story. Most of it is played out in speech bubbles with anime sideshots of the character, and VOICE ACTING IN 2 LANGUAGES!!!!!!, so its not the most awesome-rock-your-shorts-off-experience (infact its kind-of dull, especially when Rygar Speaks) but its better than nothing. Basiclly you run around the land stopping the resurrections of the Super magic beasts while trying to save your best friend from being possessed. Thats it, sorry to ruin half the game for you...

Enchanted Arms has almost no story, and falls on its face when it tries most of the time. But somehow, it manages to stay engaging and enjoyable through a good part of the ride. I felt it deserves an 58 x 40%.

The Characters:
Annoying as Fuck
Thats the party that saves the world. Not looking too good huh. Luckily, it saves itself with above average customization, and once again POKe'MON style, collect them all, gameplay!!!!!!!! Could have been a lot worse. They sound pretty nice in Japanese, which is good, because hearing the main character whine about his dog in English was horrible.

The character development itself was there in a slightly stronger sense than the story, but there were plenty of back story scenes, which made the game 1000000 times more in-depth, which still wasn't too much.

Ill be generous and hand them a 69 x 25%, as I have seen worse...

The Gameplay:
Could the gameplay actually save Enchanted arms from a poor performance in my review thread. Well it helps, but isn't enough. Combat is basically 4 vs 1-6 monsters on a grid like Megaman Battle Network. Each character can move a certain range, and attack, but characters and enemies cant occupy the same square, so things have to be planned out a bit. Overall, it works out pretty good. The monsters you can use (instead of teamates) are pretty different,
and each have a strong set of attacks to use. Further customizing their strengths is also good practice.

Every fight you botch, all your characters VP drains. When the VP reaches 0, then they start each fight with 0 hp and ep (energy you have to keep full to do attacks) This maes the player require to have multiple strong party members for a dungeon, which is also good, as you try to save the stronger guys for the boss, the game makes itself harder. Another strong point of this system is the fact that at the end of every fight, if you have VP, then your Hp and Ep get reset to max. Thats stops a lot of tedium in the gameplay, and also serves to make the game less item based. With this, the team designed the items in Enchanted Arms to be way powerful, and thus way expensive, thus way good to use in tough situations, and thus way fun at times.

But WTF is up with random battles, linear paths, and no Sidequests in this game... Next gen... only in looks.

Gameplay is definitely the strong suit of Enchanted arms. How about a 87 x 35%

Overall Score: 58 x .4 + 69 x .25 + 87 x .35 = 70.9

Bonus Comments:

Seriously, Mikoto was so turbo gay it warrants a +1 point handout....

FINAL SCORE 71.9 (12 out of 12)
C'mon get back on your feet!

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