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Kaito Ruso DS

"Namco has shown off an ingenious new title for the DS, where you have to draw your own character's head using the stylus to get out of sticky situations...

Namco have again capitalised on the drawing features the DS can provide through it's touch screen to create what looks like a genuinely original and intriguing new game. As the story of Kaito Ruso progresses, our hero Ruso will find himself on the run from the police.

One scenario, for example, finds him trapped in a room with police about to come in. By standing next to a window, then re-drawing his face to look like the window pane behind him, he is able to go unnoticed."

But... its NAMCO. So I'm guessing we wont get it. Damn Namco. What do you think fellas, could I be wrong? Maybe Namco will do something crazy and translate it for us. Looks really intresting.
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