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XBOX360 Final Fantasy 13 (PS3 version also available)

Final Fantasy 13 is the latest in the long line of games in the series from Square Enix. I think I’ll leave the over view to that, as anyone that’s reading this and has not heard of Final Fantasy obviously stumbled on this message board by mistake

  • An audio and visual treat which is almost second to none this generation.

  • As generic as JRPGs can get.
  • Boring story with a poorly written script
  • Dull uninteresting characters that no one will ever remember or care for
  • The first 25 hours is a dull wander down a very very long corridor.
  • Combat system seems to have been dumbed down for the lowest common denominator

Time played so far is 35 hours and I’m saved before the boss at the top of the tower on Pulse, and not sure I can bring myself to finish the game off.

Being the Square and Final Fantasy fan I am, I really wanted to love this game. It delivered and audio and visual treat almost second to none. But sadly Destructoid said it best when they said "It takes more than graphics to make a game, and Final Fantasy XIII offers very little else other than eye candy"

Some people refuse to believe that a new Final Fantasy can't possibly be just OK because it’s a Final Fantasy title so by proxy it must be the best RPG ever made again. Some people probebly love this regardless of the poor script, dull characters and liner game play. But for me Final Fantasy has changed over the past couple of system generations for the worse and I which they would take it back to where it came from when it was awesome and not just a dull game with stunning audio and visuals.

Perhaps I was totally spoiled before I played this, as I came into this direct from finishing Mass Effect 2 which for me was one of the best games ever made, let alone this generation. But after years of waiting for me Final Fantasy deserved better than this game.
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