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"but Nintendo just has a way of making games seem really... well... not very fun" That is probably the first time i have ever heard somebody say that.......Nintendo is renowned for making fun games lol.

And OOT kicks ass, thats probably why basically all the big gaming sites gave it a perfect score such as Gamespot and even IGN.
is basically a cumulative score of the big named gaming websites which forms one score, as you can see OOT scores a 99, making it the highest scoring game.

I had to admit sometimes in WW got boring but i kept wanting more and in the end it delivered, i LOVED A Link To The Past(NES) and Adventure Of Link(SNES), OOT is my favourite and MM also kicked ass.
But dude seriously, OOT is an epic.......PLAY IT NOW!!

"exclusive to PS2 is ye Soul Calibur 3" just when you got me all excited, tell those basterds to release it on GC.
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