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Originally Posted by Hallucinus
paper, what the hill are u talking about???

super mario world IS super mario bros 4 and has been for 15 years

and youre not one to talk, paper. using the logic u just accused me of (counting spinoff games as sequels) which is actually YOUR logic. remember the whole megaman 9 debate??? using YOUR logic, megaman and bass would actually be like megaman 19

and...u cant just let people call it whatever they want. why dont i just start calling castlevania: curse of darkness "castlevania 3"? everyone will still know what im talking about, right? NO! because there already is a game called castlevania 3, much like how there already is a super mario bros 4
Who said that?
When did I count spin off as a sequles?
You twisting my post will not make it true.
Fact is Megman and Bass plays just like Megaman 8 therefore it is Megaman 9, but you are yet to understand what the difference between a sequel and a spin off.

Also takeing by numbers and your logic, it will make both FFX games are the same game.
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