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Did you get any of the Ultimate weapons? I read of people being stuck, but the boss lasted me two turns.

I taunted with Gully, did the blood thingy AoE heal with the masked guy, level 2 burst with Garrison and flurry i think it's called. She got cut like butter. Was too easy. I do prefer the classic final bosses that take longer.
They were all level 30. Garrisons Ultimate weapon is the easiest to get. You just need to do the collosseum. Don't think Gully's was too hard but the masked guy's one was a bit more annoying. I only got them for those 3 as they were my main party. All level 30 too, but i'm sure 28 or 29 would've been fine aswell.

Did you notice that theres 2 perk trees for every character? I only noticed half way through the game.
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