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Originally Posted by Nem View Post
There was an open beta during christmas. I was away on a trip so i couldn't try it.

I confess it looks good, but i'm still traumatised by (boring and repetitive) hunting games, so i dunno.

I did see reviews and they streamlined alot of annoyances, but at the end of the day, if i need to repeat the same missions over and over for a chance to get a piece of loot, i'm not sure i can be on board.
The game overall is faster on their mechanics, no need to stop to take stuff because you can do it while still running, you can switch equipments during missions, no need to wander around multiple map sections looking for the target, stamina bars only deplete while in combat and you can fast travel the maps.

I did like this one they made some weapons more appealing.

Grinding has been always the core of hunting type games so perhaps it wasn't your kind of game to begin with.

Originally Posted by Nem View Post
The monsters do look amazing though.
It's even more amazing when you get to see two big ones beating the crap of each other.
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