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Originally Posted by spider-prime View Post
HOTS is pretty fun, I can't stand LoL, but I did like HOTS for what it was like. Felt like the Smash Bros of MOBAs.

I remember playing Genji one game, guy kept complaining that I was throwing with my pick and that I was "dying".... I didn't die the entire game cause Genji kicks ass if the other team doesn't pick stuns or other control characters.

But, like OW, the game became too toxic for a team based game and it just ruined the fun of it. Only reason I stopped playing it, at least in OW, I can sometimes carry the team, where in HOTS, one bad player can totally fuck you up.
I may be sad, but i just play HotS casually with my friends vs bots. It's too nerve wrecking to play against players cause i'm too competitive and then i need to organise the silly go-rounders. Then i stress out and that is bad for my health.

So, yeah... nice and casual PvE of sorts. The game is fun to play and i love figuring out how to use the different characters.
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