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I believe in microtransactions when they keep the public peace, secure the nations best interests and feed the masses.

Not a big fan of them but we have to come to terms that they are here to stay and the question is if people are smart enough to understand wich are harmless and which are predatory.

Originally Posted by spider-prime View Post
But, like OW, the game became too toxic for a team based game and it just ruined the fun of it. Only reason I stopped playing it, at least in OW, I can sometimes carry the team, where in HOTS, one bad player can totally fuck you up.
Honestly wich team based game or community hasn't become toxic? There's almost always a jackass in every game that insults his teammates for even the slightest error even if it's clear that they're playing with noobs, almost as if everyone that plays should have been born knowing how to.

It's a freaking game for god's sake.
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