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Originally Posted by Nem View Post
Tell you what, i obviously disagree with the other parts, but i can agree with this paragraph. Blizzard is not as bad as WB and EA. I do think they did it right with HotS. I dunno if you tried it since 2.0. They gave everyone a pack of characters from the off-set and while they do have too many currencies, you have the cosmetic lootboxes and ways to buy any skin you want.
And honestly, that's what made me roll my eyes at all these people who were trying to group Overwatch in with EA and WB. So many youtubers just literally make their views by storoking other people's hate boners and it was so asinine. It's like they couldn't stop circlejerking eachother for one second to ask themselves why are we so pissed off at lootboxes NOW when we were ok with them a year ago?

Seriously, I'm glad youtube is killing advertising. So much of what's passed around on it is akin to tabloid trash. No one tries to think for themselves, they just say "This youtuber is my argument, watch his video." and then shoves a 10+ minute (*hint, hint*) video in my face that says nothing for 9.5 minutes. For every good thing on Youtube about gaming, like Joe/Dave's Game Sack or Boundry Break...there's dozens of videos of some angry asshole getting 10x the views about the same thing.

Anyways, I did play HOTS 2.0. They actually gave Overwatch players free skins for trying it. So I did, got my skins, played a few more matches. But I just suck at MOBAs so much that I lost interest. I donno why I'm so bad at them, but I am haha. A lot of my friends play them religiously though, watch tournaments and replays. So yeah...just another thing that everyone loves that I just didn't get into. I'd say it's because I keep hearing about how toxic those players can be...but I play yeah....

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