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Originally Posted by Drunken Savior View Post
Heroes of the Storm doesn't let you have the whole roster of characters from the start. You have to pay for them or earn them through loot boxes. That's why there's no upfront cost for HOTS, because you have to pay to unlock gameplay...or spend hundreds of hours playing it to unlock all the gameplay.

Overwatch lets you have access to the entire swath of gameplay from the start. All the heros, all the maps, all the modes. Past and future gameplay.

Not the same. And that's not even getting into the fact that Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm aren't even the same type of game. The only similarity is that they both have characters with specific skill sets. But comparing the two games would be like saying that Counterstrike is like League of Legends.

No, it's because you obviously don't know why one game is F2P and one game isn't. It's not rocket science. If Overwatch was a full price game and then made you unlock/pay for gameplay then yes, I'd agree with you.

But that isn't the case. And I've been saying that for days now. You can't claim to be woke on a topic and yet not even know the games you're discussing.
How on earth is it different? How many heroes does overwatch give you acess to and how many does HotS? I bet heroes still has more. Yet, you payed 60 bucks for overwatch's.
I don't see why genre matters at all as a distinction. Both are short duration team based multiplayer games. Btw... heroes gives you a free 30 heroes at the start, added to the rotation ones.

I am also wide awake, wich is why i don't think these practices are ok in full price games. This hasn't even touched on the fact that loot boxes are unregulated gambling. Are you though? Your acceptance of such practices seems to come out of lazyness. The logic that you put some money down, you get the game and extra content. But the box price is them taking advantage of you. It is not the model that keeps the game going and it wasn't a package worth 60 bucks. It didn't even have a campaign.

Btw Drunken, i like you and i don't want this to weird things out. Just saying this cause the discussion is being heated and i don't want it to ruin the vibes of the forum. At the end of the day, it's ok to disagree.
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