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Originally Posted by Drunken Savior View Post
Why on Earth would you think it should be Free to Play?

If F2P games were at the same level of quality as Overwatch, the F2P tag wouldn't have such negative connotations. But they aren't, so it does.

If your mind is blown, then you are really out of touch on why the game is popular and what people loathe about the F2P model, even on F2P games with good mechanics.

I think that is a Stigma you got. For example, Heroes of the storm from blizzard is free and has the same level of quality and content support.
The lootbox model IS an F2P model. Every F2P mobile game has it. Wich is why it's scandalous to put it on top of a fully priced game.

You can't have both buddy. It's either a product or a service. Trying to stack both is greedy and i know you don't like to hear it, but it's a scam.
I also don't think that because i don't let myself be scammed i am somehow "out of touch" with the market.
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