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Originally Posted by Drunken Savior View Post
And I've gotten around 80% of it all by just playing the game. Since I play arcade most of the time, I actually get a ridiculous amount of loot boxes. But to be fair, I really don't care about it much anymore. If I see something cool, I get it with all the gold I've saved up. Right now, all I care about is playing the game.

LOL What? All the shit they developed AFTER LAUNCH was on the disc the entire time? Really? All the stuff developed from May 2016-today was already on the disc? Fucking time lords with their scam ass game! Put the liquor down, man. It's obvious that you have no idea what you're arguing about...

LOL, Jesus man...I already said that funding for all this post development was made possible by people who wanted to buy loot boxes. The whole argument of "wow. don't you realize publishers aren't your friend!?" woke shit is passe. Also, I'm still not the one who would pay a monthly fee for this game, lol.

And some 'goodies'? People didn't get cosmetic shit for free, they got additional gameplay for free!

But keep grasping at straws at this weak ass argument.
Obviously, i was talking about how things used to be made. Some of the content developed for Overwatch before launch was taken out to be part of the loot boxes. That wasn't something that used to happen.

I am still surprised how you are so open to what is essentially a full price F2P game. My mind is blown by that.

But, well... i guess we have different views on this.
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