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Originally Posted by Drunken Savior View Post
LOL, you keep saying that...but I've already said that everything in the loot boxes are completely optional and have no bearing on the gameplay whatsoever. If you want skins, emotes, voice lines...then buy lootboxes. Make your own 'subscription fee' by paying for lootboxes then. If you just want to play Overwatch, you don't need to pay for anything further past the base purchase.

I literally have no idea how you think your argument is legitimate. The game is a scam? Let's look at your argument:

Literally everyone who paid for Overwatch at launch has gotten MORE than what they paid for, regardless if they bought loot boxes or not. If you bought the game at launch, here's the additional content you received past the original experience:

5 New Characters
5 New Maps
5 New Gameplay modes (many of which comes with their own, new, maps)
The Overwatch Arcade
Replay Manager
Server Browser
Seasonal Events, about 6 a year (that come with their own new gameplay modes like Lucioball, Capture the Flag, and Junkenstein's Revenge)

In a 20 month period. For. Free.

Literally your argument is that despite all the free gameplay content that has been given to people who purchased Overwatch, the fact that cosmetic items that don't affect gameplay whatsoever, irks you....because you'd rather pay a monthly fee (lol) just so you can have all the skins, emotes, voice lines, et cetera.

I guarantee most people like having the option of, well, not paying a monthly fee for this game and rather just play for the gameplay and not cosmetic bullshit. But if you wanna throw your money away with a monthly fee...just keep buying lootboxes. Hell, I've spent $40 on lootboxes for the main game (not season) stuff since May 2016 and I have around 90% of the cosmetic stuff from getting lootboxes from playing the game.

Seriously, you'd pay a monthly fee for skins, voice lines, and emotes? I mean, it's your money...but it seems like publishers don't need to really twist your arm to take it.

Ok. Point 1. The optional stuff, like voice samples, outfits, secret levels. They were all in the disc, day one. Now, you seem to think these things are bonuses to pay for? They got literally ripped out of the games to be sold as micro-transactions.

Point 2. Overwatch was not a complete game at launch. It's a multiplayer only team based game with limited content. People who bought it basically bought a beta. It was literally half a game. Blizzard gave you some goodies for "free". Aren't you lucky?
They give that stuff cause they want you to keep the game active, not due to the kindness of their hearts.

In conclusion: products are products and services are services. Trying to sell a product and then shoving it in as a service is not something i apreciate, and it is a scam/dishonest.
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