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The thing is Overwatch is a fully priced game.

Like, theres 2 issues here. The game released at launch and the service.

The game at lauch that is asking full price HAS to be a full package. It can't have micro-transaction on top and pieces of the game witheld to sell in boxes.

The service is a different thing and has to be separate. I personally prefer a sub model where you get everything there is to offer than random lootboxes that just mean that you will have to pay more than a sub to get everything. Literally, to get what you used to get, you will have to gamble and pay more than ever. It is therefore a scam aswell.

If it's a free to play game, then i can still see that the game is just based in the service and that is alright, because at least they were honest since the start on what they were and people can make a choice. But a premium game with micro-transactions is simply a clear scam.
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