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Micro transaction models are inherantly scams. There is nothing good about them...
I don't agree with this statement. But then again, I don't think anyone has really gotten micro transactions right.

But I think Overwatch is real close. All the items in the loot boxes are cosmetic. They basically say that the revenue from selling loot boxes funds all the future development of the game so that once you buy the base game, you don't have to pay for any of the future maps, modes, features, or heroes. Which is good, because multiplayer games die when you fracture the player base because one group can play Map A and one group can't (See: Titanfall).

And Overwatch today is a WAY better game with WAY more content than a year and a half ago when it released. And if you haven't paid a cent to Blizzard since you bought the game back in May 2016, you can play every new hero, map, or mode as someone who purchased loot boxes and you are not at a strategic disadvantage to them in any way.

However, the major complaint people have is that you can't buy of the loot box cosmetics directly, which I think is valid. Having said that, my gut tells me that if they DO allow people to buy things directly, it applies direct value to each and every item in the loot boxes. And when you can do that, then you can calculate the approximate value of an average single loot box. And then you have loot boxes actually being gambling because there is a monetary value to the items. I can say "Oh a loot box costs $X.XX, and I have a chance to 'win' up to $XX.XX" which is literally gambling. When the items can't be purchased, it's all relative and pointless speculation. They have no value because they can't be bought.

If people can propose a way for a game like Overwatch to continue development as it does today without micro transactions, email Blizzard because you just became a millionaire, congratulations.

[Edit] On a separate note, when Overwatch was getting shit on because of EA's shitty versions of loot boxes, I thought people were stroking their rage boners way too hard, hard enough to set their dicks on fire.

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