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My main problem with it is that it will break easily, probably even while making the crap and how will Nintendo deal with replacements when people accidently ripped or mangle the cardboard while making it or even while playing with it.
Like replacement packs in stores for like 5-10 dollars or some crap like that? Knowing them, they will probably be 30-50 dollars for the packs. lol

My 2nd problem is how much of the cardboard do we even need to run the games or is it even needed at all and it's just a huge novelty.

Of course they want to show us how awesome this is and how it runs, but like I've learned with the Wii, I wasn't having my magical sword fights in Zelda and red steel like Nintendo promised how it would work.

I'm hoping I can get them for free still, I wouldn't mind trying them still. It's the only reason I got 1-2 Switch, cause it was for free. lol
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