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I sort of finished Valkyria revolution on the PS4.

I say sort of because i lost patience with the penultimate boss randomly 1 shooting my party with no sort of warning and putting me 2 battles behind. It wasn't an hour an a half i was willing to gamble away again and i cba to grind just for it.
So, i just watched the final boss and ending on youtube (who also enjoys to 1 shot the party). It wasn't that i couldn't beat the game, it was just that it was a pointless and random time sink that would gain me the same as watching one hour of youtube.

So, the game isn't as bad as people would have you believe.
The story/narrative and characters is actually really good and why i kept playing for the most part.

The gameplay itself was repetitive and unbalanced. Every enemy is an easy kill and then there's these difficulty spikes on bosses where they have insane life bars and random 1 shot mechanics you can hardly react to. AKA that is just cheap. I had a boss battle last half an hour. It was kind of ridiculous.

So, aside from the fact that it wasn't Valkyria 4 and we can look past that. It was not a terrible game. I would like for this team to work on Skies of Arcadia 2. I think they could make a good job with it.
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