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I beat 21 this year.

It could've been better but i did play 2 mmo's for a good part of the year.

Now that i went more casual on both i'm expecting to have more time for other games.

I think i did reach my objective compared to last year wich is to play more good games and less trash just to clear the backlog.
There were alot of fighters aswell this year.

Ofc i havent finished but i have been playing other games aswell. All in all, theres some gems i beat this year and the list is looking more pleasing. So, i'm hoping it keeps improving. I have been working on my backlog and i got alot of great games waiting for me still.

Best of the year for me were:

3. Trails of cold Steel (vita) - jan
13. The Evil Within (ps4)
14. Sonic Mania (ps4)
16. Guild Wars 2:Heart of thorns (pc)
17. Danganrompa V3 (Vita)
18. Guild Wars 2: Path of fire (pc)
19. Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U)
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