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Yet you had no problem with the faster than lightspeed traveling energy beam that magically splits in E7? (i do agree with the point you make though)

These movies are full of nonsense. The old ones at least tried to be believable. Rogue one even elaborated on it. Like, the Death star was a space station. It could move to it's target in light speed and fire the beam.
That planet weapon's beam is literally travelling past thousands of lightyears in a second. It makes zero sense. They just derped and went "let's just make everything bigger! derp derp!".

I mean, things like the sound in space one can understand or the movies would be boring. But that doesn't give you a green light to do absolutely every impossibly idiotic thing. It breaks the immersion completely.
Honestly, i'm missing the prequals, but i never hated them anyways. I enjoyed the movies, i just don't like prequals cause i already know the ending so it feels like filler. But, those movies were alot more enjoyable for me.

Honestly, at this point i'm just hoping they declare this trilogy as a side-story and just continue the saga with Luke/Leia/Han with new actors. Just like Logan was for the Wolverine character, we could just see this trilogy as a send off to the original characters. But don't make this universe breaking BS canon. I will take the expanded universe over this anyday.
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