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Originally Posted by Nem View Post
But hey, we got Sonic Mania, Yakuza localisations, Valkyria 4... it's been worse.
Sonic Mania that game that was fan made? It just puts on shame mostly everything that sega has done with the franchise for about a decade.

About Yakuza it's thanks to Zero that restored sega's interest in localisation, a unexpected success that it's well deserved.

Originally Posted by Rubeus View Post
Almost forgot one TRPG series, the Super Robot Taisen series is always alive, but it's mostly because of the anime, there's very little tactics in the games I assume.
While I do like SRW games and own several of them honestly it's more about cinematics than actual well thought strategy. It's not much about difficulty even when enemies got tons of health and devastating attacks you just need to customize 2 mech upgrades and pilot skill points to break those games.
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