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It probably has to do with the fact that soul calibur v performed below bamco's expectations and there was some backlash as they got rid of a lot of characters under the excuse that there would be too many clone characters but there was no problem in adding 3 mimic characters, 2 great sword characters that still played similar and 3 that used sword and shield which 2 of them also played very alike.

The game suffered from lack of content compared to previous games and also it seemed that they dedicated more time in the character customisation mode than more important things like having a balanced gameplay or delivering a more stable netcode plus wasting more money in having a guest character.

Oh, also it can share the blame that IV was riddled with dlc and guests characters behind paywalls, the SC game for wii blew up, SC II hd online didn't acomplish what they wanted and the free to play game Lost Swords was so awful it got a lot of bad reception.

Lately there's a rumor that they are preparing a new instalment but I'm no keeping my hopes high.

Getting back at the topic as I see it tekken will end in the same route as soul calibur.
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