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Originally Posted by spider-prime View Post
But, blah, just get the physical releases, the carts are so small, you can get a case that holds 12 of them and it easily fits in your pocket. Only real annoying thing is switching out the games.
I think the concern is that day 1 updates and subsequent updates will take over the included Switch storage easily. Yeah, you could just delete/re-download the updates when you want to play them...but when we're talking about multi GB can see the concern.

At this point, if you're a serious Switch need to get a good C10 SD card for your Switch. My suggestion was a little tongue in cheek, because you can get two SD cards at 200GB a piece for less than half of the 400GB one. I have this one in my Nvidia Shield Tablet and it's been great. But if you're thinking of going mostly digital with your Switch, you might just wanna bite the bullet and get the swapping SD cards just seems a little sketchy over time. Easy to lose/break these things when they aren't in the device themselves.

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