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LOL Let's not pretend like Episode 1 was some amazingly written story. I know prequelmeming is hot (or was), but let's not forget that the prequels were disappointing. And while E7 might get some flack for virtually retelling E4, it still created many great new characters and scenarios...something E1 utterly failed to do.

Seriously, I caught Episode 1 a few weeks ago and some of the stuff was still insufferable unless you were laughing at it. Take for example Anakin Skywalker taking down the whole droid army at the end. He did so by shooting the main reactor that supplies power to that entire base. Which was accessible from the know...where the high power ships with weapons are constantly in. How fucking stupid. If it wasn't for Maul, Kenobi, and Jin, that movie would have little to no redeeming qualities.

Oh and let's not forget MIDICHLORIANS or whatever.

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