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Yakuza: Kiwami 2 details ‘New Nightlife Island’ and ‘New Clan Creator’ play spots

Loved the club mode mini game in Yakuza 0, I kept playing it after clearing the story mode.


Yakuza: Kiwami 2 details ‘New Nightlife Island’ and ‘New Clan Creator’ play spots

Compete in the Cabaret Club Grand Prix and protect Majima Construction.

Sega has updated the official website for Yakuza: Kiwami 2 with information and screenshots of the game’s “New Nightlife Island” and “New Clan Creator” play spots.

Get the details below.

■ Adventure ◆ New Nightlife Island

The Goal: To Become the No. 1 Cabaret Club in Japan

The immensly popular “Nightlife Island” play spot that debuted in Yakuza 0 finally returns in Yakuza: Kiwami 2. While keeping the fun of the original, “New Nightlife Island” adds many new elements and features, is even easier to play, and has even more exciting content. Many of the characters that appeared in Yakuza 0, including the heroine Yuki, will appear again. The setting is the “Cabaret Club Grand Prix,” a competition to decide the number one cabaret club in the country, where you can enjoy grand-scale “Cabaret Club Business Battles.”


After a certain trouble, Kiryu comes to know Yuki, the owner of the Sotenbori cabaret club “Four Shine.” However, Four Shine is losing a lot of staff due to the business obstruction and overbearing recruitment of the huge cabaret club company known as the Kanzaki Group, and is being forced into a position where it cannot make business.

In order to escape that dilemma and as her last bet, Yuki decides to participate in the “Cabaret Club Grand Prix,” a competition to decide the best cabaret club in the country. If she wins, it will come with the impact of major publicity, but if she loses, it is possible her reputation will sour and she will lose the club.

Yuki’s enthusiasm to challenge the competition with such unyielding conviction moved Kiryu, and he decides to support her business. Will Kiryu be able to win this competition against the Kanzkai Group and the country’s other veteran cabaret clubs, and save Four Shine?

Basic Rules

This play spot is a simulation game where, as club manager, you will assign hosts based on the customers that visit the cabaret club one after the next. If you assign a customer a host suited to their tastes, they will spend a lot of money. The abilities of your dozens of hosts are extremely varied. As you grow, your abilities will increase, and you will be able to satisfy even more customers. Understand each customer’s preferences while developing your hosts to increase sales, and aim to become the number one cabaret club in the country.

Cabaret Grand Prix

The setting of New Nightlife Island is the “Cabaret Club Grand Prix,” where veteran cabaret clubs from around the country gather and compete to determine the number one cabaret club. Cabaret clubs from not only Sotenbori, but from all over the country, will become your rivals.

The Cabaret Club Grand Prix consists of four leagues—the “Fresh League,” “Paradise League,” “Executive League,” and “Millionaire League.” The story will develop as you win through all of these leagues, and defeat the champion of each league. It will then be possible to challenge the current number one club in the country, the Kanzaki Group’s famous “Sotenbori Sunshine.”

Popular Sexy Actresses Appear as Rivals

—Kirara (voiced by Kirara Asuka) – Final Championship

The top host of “Sotenbori Sunshine,” the current champion of the Cabaret Grand Prix. She is known as a “legendary hostess.” She considers Four Shine owner Yuki a rival.

—Aika (voiced by Aika) – Paradise League

With the nickame “Festival Queen,” she is the queen of the world of excitement. She can make any customer feel merry and cheerful.

—Shouko (voiced by Shouko Takahashi) – Executive League

A host who earned the name “Perfect Queen” from her ability to perfectly serve customers. She is very professional and has a high reputation among cabaret connoisseurs.

—Kana (voiced by Kana Momonogi) – Fresh League

A newcomer to the Kanazaki Group. With her serious and hard working customer service, she is driving the success of the newly established club, “Hiroshima Sweet God.”

—Yua (voiced by Yua Mikami) – Millionaire League

A former idol and novelty hostess. Due to her overwhelming popularity, she is known as the “National Hostess.”
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