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Super Mario Odyssey's newest Luncheon kingdom is for the foodies

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Super Mario Odyssey's newest kingdom is for the foodies -- Sous(per)-chef Mario

The same way that we need more volcanoes and more astronauts, we need more cooking levels. Games like Rayman Origins have kitchen stages with lava-hot stews and fork-wielding chefs. Cooking is good for video games and hardly anyone's doing it.

Nintendo's doing it, though. A new Super Mario Odyssey stage was shown off at gamescom (in the video embedded above) and it's a culinary dreamscape. Named "Luncheon Kingdom," it's a pastel, polygonal paradise that was inspired by Italy and other European countries that are known for their cuisine.

Also, a giant bird took over the Stupendous Stewpot that's sitting on top of a mountain. So that's happening too.

Not really related to the new level, but still worth writing down: Producer Yoshiaki Koizumi quipped "I'd love to see the surprised look on everyone's face if I could transform into a dinosaur and rampage around the streets of Cologne." Us too, Koizumi-san. Us too.
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