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Originally Posted by Einhander View Post
I'm sure when I write books called "Martin Poppins" or "Andy of Green Gables" there will be absolutely no outcry from anyone and they will be welcomed with open arms.
Wouldn't bother me any, cause unlike the hypocrites that demand for more diversity in stuff, it never bothered me seeing any type of characters in stuff, I only hate the reasons for why people are doing it, cause it isn't cause someone will enjoy these characters, it's pandering for morons who demand it, like the bike lock attacker fucker and others like him. Who don't even care about it, just outrage cause it isn't what they expect and they still won't buy it or watch it, etc etc. So they will FIGHT to make Spider-man into a gay non binary transgender alien from mexico that hates Russians and white males cause they are all fascists.
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