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Switch sales hit one million in Japan

It seems to reach 1 million faster than PS4 as well.
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Switch sales hit one million in Japan -- Better than the Wii U, worse than the Wii

Despite shortages, in its first 16 weeks of availability, Nintendo Switch has sold one million consoles in Japan. How does that compare to Nintendo's last two efforts in its home country over the same period?
  • Switch: 1,000,000
  • Wii U: 820,000
  • Wii: 1,850,000

The Wii is still the gold standard, selling more than the Wii U and Switch combined, but Nintendo has to be happy with how the Switch is performing, especially as it plans to push out more consoles in July and August to deal with shortages in Japan. With Splatoon 2 and two new Mario games on the horizon, things are looking solid.

Will it hit 10 million sold in the first year as Nintendo hopes? It depends just how much shortages are failing to meet demand. Worldwide, Nintendo moved 2.74 million consoles in March alone and theoretically has the software coming up to keep peoples' interest, and there's still the holiday season. If Nintendo does indeed move 10 million in a year, it should beat the pants off the Wii U's 13.6 million lifetime sales at the very least.
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