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Originally Posted by Princess Dai View Post
This may sound a little bit shallow but what exactly do you mean by all their good exclusives are still coming to PC?
read the quote below.

Originally Posted by Hagane View Post
It means that the people at microsoft are dumb enough to keep releasing their own games on pc wich means that aside from the comodity of playing on a console there's no reason to get an xbox one because their exclusives keep coming on pc (and we know that xbox one serioussly lacks console only titles) wich most of the time the games runs and looks better than in consoles and also probably the free online play, better online servers and wacky mods.

So to sum up powering up a pc is considered a better investment than buying a xbox one because most of the the games under microsoft brand are getting released on pc.

I even said to myself, if they have at least one exclusive that is only on xbox and not PC or anywhere else, I will go and buy the xbox one s just to watch 4k blurays and play that one game I'm hyped for, none happened, cause normally if there is one game that excites me, I will still go out and buy a few others for the console.

But, meh, this way is cheaper and saves on space, I have too many consoles still hooked up.

Now excuse me while I go play QuackShot on the Genesis that is hooked up to my 32 inch CRT TV....
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