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Favorite Special Edition Xbox?

Hey everyone, let me say first off that I am loving this forum and thanks for accepting my membership request

I have always been a fan of the cool, special Xbox consoles that came out over the years. I first got a Crystal Xbox when I was younger and would just sit there and wonder how everything I was staring at was making the game that was on screen. I moved onto the Xbox 360 and after a couple of RROD's I went and got myself a Halo Reach special edition. I thought the sound effects that it had instead of the stock beeping for opening the disk tray were pretty cool, but after my friend showed me his Star Wars console I was very jealous.

When I finally accepted that the Xbox 360 was dead and got an Xbox One, I looked high and low to find a Halo 5 edition(guess what my favorite series is?) and was really impressed with it when I got it. I set up my Master Chief Helmet and Noble Statue around it which in my opinion looks sick but my girlfriend disagrees. What special edition consoles do you all have, and what are your favorites?

I took a look for some more limited editions after seeing the Gears of War one posted below. I found a Star Wars Xbox 360 with Kinect on and the sound effects on that are amazing! It sounds like R2-D2 and C3-PO which in my opinion looks sick.

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