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Sega is planning a 'revival of major IPs' as a new business plan

A lot of IPs should be revived, Shining Force, Street of Rage, Shinobi, Sakura Taisen just to name a few.

Square Enix should revive Taito classics too.

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Sega is planning a 'revival of major IPs' as a new business plan - Comix Zone?

Capcom has done it, Square Enix has been doing it, and now Sega is getting on board.

According to their "Road to 2020" plan (which has some other interesting tidbits if you care to comb it over), Sega is planning a "revival of major IPs" as one of their means of survival beyond their mobile arm and their existing successful IPs, which Sega lists most prominently as Yakuza, Football Manager, Persona, and Total War.

What IPs they're actually re-introducing is anyone's guess, but it's crazy to think of how many classic, now defunct series that they've worked on. I mean you have Columns, Comix Zone, Vectorman, Streets of Rage, Nights, Burning Rangers, and Guardian Heroes to name a few.

Sega also plans to rebuild existing arcades in Japan, push further into the animation and toy field, and re-launch some pachinko machine IPs. If you're remotely interested in what's going on at the company, give it a once over.
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