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Continued from above .....

Dragon Quest XI details Skill Panel, Spell of Restoration -- A look at how the classic password system returns.

—Camus’ “boomerang” special skill, “Slime Blow.”

—Veronica’s “grimoire” special skill, “Magical Awakening.”

—Senya’s “harp” special skill, “Melody of Fire.”

—Silvia’s “acrobatic” special skill, “Flute of Fascination.”

—Martina’s “melee” special skill, “Vacuum Kick.”

—Row’s “enlightening” special skill, “Aesthetic Enlightenment.”

Spell of Restoration

The “Spell of Restoration” is a feature that lets you continue your adventure from roughly the same place in the story by entering a code into the adventure log menu. Since you can log the hero’s name and roughly how far you’ve advanced in the story, you can continue the story on a different platform. (Your level, the amount of money you have, and your possessions will be replaced with those prepared beforehand based on your progress of the story.)

—By entering the Spell of Restoration, you can pick up your adventure from approximately where you last left off in the story.

—You can inquire about the Spell of Restoration at the church.

What!? You can start a new adventure with an old Spell of Restoration!

—Have a look at the amount of money you have and your possessions!

Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time will launch for PlayStation 4 and 3DS on July 29 in Japan. A Switch version is also planned, but has yet to be shown or dated. If you missed it, catch the latest trailers and gameplay footage here.
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