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Capcom confirms Residetn Evil 8 in planning stage

Does that mean the next game will arrive within the next 2 years?

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Resident Evil 8: Capcom talks about the next game

Another “Resident Evil“ will come. Capcom also confirmed that things are “in motion”. While the announcement is still a long time to be expected, a somewhat different orientation was indicated.

With “Resident Evil 7” Capcom managed to make a comeback at the beginning of the year after the two previously released games caused mixed feelings due to the action direction. More games will follow, even if they do not necessarily go in the direction of the last published horror. Capcom compared the scenario not so long ago with the “Call of Duty” franchise, which is divided into different sub-series with different approaches.

And the new game is actually being worked on. This is confirmed by the producer Jun Takeuchi. According to his statement, things have long been “in motion”. “Resident Evil 8“, will be clearly differentiated from “Resident Evil 7” in some way .

“When I was working on Resident Evil 7, I wanted the title to be viewed as a modern masterpiece in the area of ​​survival horrors,” adds Takeuchi in the video below. “I wanted the title to be the start of a new kind of survival horror – and a new series.” We are already thinking about different plans for the next game but we also want to see how we continue the survival horror as a whole Of the Treaty. ”

“The next few years will see the technology evolve, and the desire of the players may change, but we always want to create a horror experience in which the characters have to overcome a difficult situation Survival horror, and the next Resident Evil – and the game thereafter, almost every new Resident Evil – will contain characters that need to cope with these hardships, the current masterpiece is just the beginning. ”
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